What is Cryptocurrency?

Introducing crypto currency to you [What is Cryptocurrency?] is good,have a look at it! https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/cryptocurrency/

*What can I use Bitcoin for?*

Today’s financial system makes moving money around the world slow, costly and inconvenient due to friction of regulations and capital controls. Bitcoins offers cheaper alternative to our traditional money.

*International Money Transfer and Shopping:*

Bitcoin is redefining remittance. Africans pay the highest money transfer fees in the world to send and receive from home or abroad, in addition to poorly calculated currency conversion rates.

Because Bitcoin exists on the internet, which itself is global and borderless, you can simply exchange local currency to Bitcoin and transfer the Bitcoin to the recipient in other countries and they convert it back to their local currency in their country of residence. You can pay for goods and services online using Bitcoin, a lot cheaper compared to things like credit cards or Paypal without having to worry about foreign exchange fees and security of your personal information.

A lot of businesses are accepting Bitcoin at the checkout and provide customers with a Bitcoin payment gateway to make spending simple.